FAX to Email & Email To FAX Service

CYPRUS PBX announces the FAX to Email & Email To FAX Service!

Key Benefits

  1. send a fax from email or receive a fax into your email program without having to install a fax modem, a fax server, or phone lines.
  2. Whether you are one person sending faxes from your company / organization with thousands of employees, our internet fax service lets you send and receive faxes faster, easier and more cheaply
  3. Receive faxes without any cost

How The service works

  1. You have your fax number from CYPRUS PBX. We assign this fax number to the desired email address
  2. In order to send fax to somebody i.e. 25111111, you will create a new email from outlook or email client program, and in the field "To" you will add 25111111@cypruspbx.com and attach the document or documents you would like to send
  3. CYPRUS PBX accepts files of  doc, pdf, excel, jpg, docx, xlsx
  4. When sending the email CYPRUS PBX will proceed to FAX the attached documents to the receipient telephone number
  5. Receive faxes to the assigned email addresses, as attachments. Receiving fax is free of charge!!!!

Service Charges

Monthly fee for the FAX line is € 11.90 (VAT 19% included).

Send fax with € 0.062 per page (VAT 19% included).

Receive faxes free of charge


Call at 25257400 or email us at info@cypruspbx.com