Cloud Storage Solutions


Use StorageVault™ online backup manager to fully backup your business in the cloud! StorageVault™, has the right technological experience to offer you the best backup solutions on the market. Find the one that fits your needs and stop worrying about the safety of your hard-obtained data.

Use StorageVault™ Server Backup Agent (SBA) to backup files and databases from client-side computers to StorageVault™ Offsite Backup Server, which is most suitable for backing up servers.

Use StorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent (DBA) to backup your desktop and laptop computers.

Use StorageVault™ BackupBox, a physical backup appliance pre-installed with StorageVault™ Backup Software, which provides easy, reliable and affordable data protection for SOHOs and SMBs. It is an ideal all-in-one backup solution for on-site backup purposes.

Use StorageVault™ Main Remote Storage (MRS) to have a centralized backup services to diverse StorageVault™ Online Backup Manager and StorageVault™ A-Click Backup client users, which allows system administrators to manage individual users and their account configurations, as well as monitor the entire system’s performance easily.

Use StorageVault™ Replication Remote Storage (RRS) to increase the level of protection to the backed up data, using data replication from one or multiple StorageVault™ Offsite Backup Servers.


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