Hosted PBX telephony service

We propose to our customers, small start-up companies to large organizations our Hosted P.B.X solution. Hosted P.B.X is a virtual (cloud) telephone system solution, that uses internet to register the telephone devices (hard phones, soft phones, mobile soft  phone clients) to our hosted telephone servers, offering all the latest features an IP telephone system has (voicemail, recording,  daynight controls, ring groups, coverage paths, DID, call forward, call transfer, conference calls, answering machine), mobility, low  call rates to international destinations and much more

How Hosted VoIP works



A voice over Internet (VoIP) service that is provided by a third party for businesses with a small to medium number of phone extensions. All calls are transported over the Internet, and telephone functions such as voicemail, call routing and call forwarding are performed on the provider's computers. Administration is handled via a Web interface. This way you do not have to have the hardware equipment (physical PBX) installed in your premises. You do not need also to purchase for additional hardware in case you will need to add extra features on your existing telephone system, like announcements, voice mail functionality, call detail records software e.t.c. For all these and for all necessary upgrades we take care of.

Calls can be made and received using regular phones with adapters, IP phones or computers. Another important advantage is that the user can carry out with him his personal extension number in any place of Earth, if he has internet connection. This can be achieved using a softphone client either in the personal computer or in his cell phone. Cell phones supporting such clients are all Android based cell phones, iPhone and windows mobile phones.


Find below a schematic diagram showing how the infrastructure of Hosted VoIP is implemented:


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